Jewelry Made from Fruit

There is a unique trend in jewelry. Fruit is being used to make different pieces of jewelry. Apples, oranges, and even mangos are being used to make various pieces. The fruit will not rot or turn colors. This is an organic way to make jewelry from both the fruit and the seeds. Every piece is made by hand from fruit that is found in the Amazon Rainforest.

The jewelry that is made from the fruit and seeds averages around $54 a piece. This is for a bracelet or a necklace. Each piece of this jewelry is made by hand and is prepared with top quality craftsmanship.

This fruit jewelry takes some time to make. The seeds of the plants are pained or shined so that their natural beauty can shine through. The seeds or the fruit and then entwined with several pieces of strong and crocheted together. This will make sure they are secure and nothing will fall off. When working with little seeds or berries they are grouped together to make sure that they are secure. There is an easy clasp in the back of the necklace or on the back of the bracelet to allow it to come on and off without a problem. Each seed or piece of fruit is sewn on one piece at a time for each and every piece of jewelry that is made. This work is eco friendly and sustainable.

In addition to seeds and other berries peels such as orange peels can be used. These peels can be dyed and twisted into a number of different shapes. This jewelry also has a fragrance from the fruit to make it even more pleasant.

Jewelry that is made from fruit is a new craze. It is affordable and a person can get a one of a kind piece that is made by hand.